Alternate Perspectives, Inc, aka API, also stands for Accountability, Performance and Integrity; that’s API and we're APPY!

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Our APPY Story

Some may wonder why we choose an Australian Shepherd as our mascot. 

Well, every successful company and every great organization has some form of defining symbol or individual that represents the heart and soul of who they are.  For us, it is our President and CEO, Dr. Jennifer Wild. 

She lives and breathes the qualities of API as well as being hard-working and a dynamic leader.  Dr. Wild happens to have a furbaby, whom she named APPY, after her company! 

APPY is AMAZING!  APPY is loyal, dedicated, loving, and friendly; qualities you will find in any great individual.  The APPY Award is our way of recognizing our amazing staff who showcases these qualities.  

We value Accountability, Performance, and Integrity and we are loyal, dedicated, and caring.  We are APPY!

Meet Some of Our APPY Award Winners

  • Appy Award Pic 04.16.21.png

    Career Technical Training Instructor

    Paul Robertson

    Shriver Job Corps Center

    Paul has traveled out to Connecticut in an effort to retain his student.  He is a fierce advocate for his students.  He always speaks up on their behalf and makes sure that they have everything they need to be successful.  Paul get’s things done! When he is given a task he completes it quickly and accurately while maintaining a high level service to his students

    Click here to watch Mr. Robertson's interview*

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  • Appy Award Pic 04.16.21.png

    Support Service

    Debra Berthiaume

    Westover Job Corps Center

    Debra is reliable, meticulous and always delivers outstanding customer service.  She often works un-noticed because she quietly goes about doing her job day in and day out and we want to recognize her for those efforts.

    Click here to watch Ms. Berthiaume's interview*

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  • Appy Award Pic 04.16.21.png


    Christy Pyles

    Wind River Job Corps Center

    Christy has always offered her assistance in any area and department when needed.  She is very dedicated to her job and takes pride in all of her coaching staff and achievements. She thinks forward, before many of us have a chance to. She is extremely dedicated to her students and you can see it in her daily actions.

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