Alternate Perspectives, Inc, aka API, also stands for Accountability, Performance and Integrity; that’s API and we're APPY!

Meet Shriver APPY Award Winners

  • Academic Instructor

    Allyson Hart

    Ms. Hart’s dedication and commitment to her students success is ABOVE & BEYOND

    She works with her students on Nights and Weekends to keep her students engaged and successful.

  • Career Technical Training Instructor

    Duane Bastarache

    Duane’s continuous commitment and flexibility to allow students to reach and complete their goals is inspiring.  His department has helped and repaired many areas on center.

  • Counselor/CPP

    Donald Donahue

    Mr. Donahue’s relentless support and advocacy for his students is consistently witnessed by all.

  • Student Success Story

    Job Placement - CTR – CTS

    Allyson Hart

    Her tireless work with a student to complete his High School Diploma is so reflective of her dedication (nights, days, weekends) so that the student could transfer and complete his trade.

  • Social Development

    Residential / Recreation

    Jacob McPherson

    Jacob always makes himself available to assist in Residential especially during quarantine.  He works many extra shifts and always remains positive throughout the entire time and process.  When he works his regular duties in the Rec he does a lot to engage students whether in person or virtually.

  • Safety Success Story

    Scott Hilt

    Mr. Hilt stepped in to cover the S&S department by scheduling and providing the coverage and safety that was needed with the vacancy of S&S Manager.

  • Support Service

    Jack Proietti & Chris Holmes

    Team Facilities Maintenance has kept Shriver JCC safe and warm this season.  We appreciate their consistent efforts and dedication.

  • Respect for Others Award

    Robin Therrien

    Ms. Therrien is committed to Shriver JCC by her ongoing ability to try to  help anyone and everyone

  • Academic Instructor

    Lisa Trzepacz

    Lisa always has a lively lesson on Google and has made her classroom such an inviting place for students. Her case notes are stellar and she brings a very positive attitude to the Academic Team.

    Watch Ms. Trzepacz's interview! (click here)*

  • Career Technical Training Instructor

    Paul Robertson

    Paul has traveled out to Connecticut in an effort to retain his student.  He is a fierce advocate for his students.  He always speaks up on their behalf and makes sure that they have everything they need to be successful.  Paul get’s things done! When he is given a task he completes it quickly and accurately while maintaining a high level service to his students

    Watch Mr. Robertson's interview! (click here*)

  • Counselor/CPP

    Ophelia Asenso

    Ophelia goes above and beyond and always delivered positive services for the student of Shriver Job Corps, regardless if they were on her roster or not. Her positive attitude and infectious smile successfully helped the center bring students back and helped the counseling department navigate new programs and implement changes that will positively impact the center moving forward.

    Watch Ms. Asenso's interview! (click here*)

  • Student Success Story:  Job Placement

    Angela Sabatino

    Angela worked tirelessly and effectively to return homeless students and our first cohort. Angela made sure that everyone was prepared and prepared for the students’ arrival. Angela’s hard work and perseverance is appreciated

    Watch Ms. Sabatino's interview! (click here)*

  • Social Development

    Nadia Minchillo

    Nadia implemented the Social programming for the dorms.  She trained all the staff on Google classroom and how to use the curriculum for the groups.  She is in constant communication with the students and assists the SDD with administrative duties.

  • Safety Success Story:  Safety and Security and Records

    Tiffany Luperchio and Angela Sabatino

    Both of these individual worked tirelessly and effectively to return homeless students and our first cohort group.  They made sure that everyone was aware and prepared for the students arrival. Your hard work, team work and perseverance is appreciated!

  • Support Service

    Renee Joyce

    Renee goes above and beyond to support her team at Shriver JCC. Often traveling between buildings despite the weather, juggling multiple requests, keeping them organized and always doing everything with a positive attitude.  "Renee is the heartbeat of the E&T building and we would be lost without her."

    Watch Ms. Joyce's interview! (click here)*

  • Respect for Others:  Customer Service

    Barry Sbordy

    "For always being flexible and ensuring students have enough to eat!"  Barry’s department is extremely organized and accommodating to the students nutritional needs

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