Alternate Perspectives, Inc, aka API, also stands for Accountability, Performance and Integrity; that’s API and we're APPY!

Meet Westover APPY Award Winners

  • Academic Instructor

    Simone Gingras

    For mentoring and training  staff members especially with the implementation of distance learning because of the pandemic. She took the lead on using computer software that would  provide quality instruction to the students in the google classroom. Always supporting the team by substituting when  an instructor wasn’t available to teach their class.

  • Career Technical Training Instructor

    Matt Weibel

    Matt has put a lot of energy into organizing his trade classroom both virtually and in his physical shop. Matt has really been working to improve his communications with other staff and is always ready to collaborate with others. His students are engaged and working towards credentials and certifications while demonstrating good employability skills.

  • Counselor/CPP

    Deborah Scott

    For being a great leader and support CTT and Academics with student engagement and achievement Elizabeth Tetreault CPP Counselor all around team player and very motivating and inspiring

  • Student Success Story

    Illian Gonzalez

    Trainee Gonzalez entered the Westover Job Corps Center looking to achieve her career pathway goals, after years searching for motivation to start her goals. Upon her Westover journey, Trainee Gonzalez was able to move forward on her goals completing her high school diploma and certified nursing assistant certification. Trainee Gonzalez shared that after completing Job Corps, nobody will ever stop her from reaching her goals moving forward.Trainee is relocating to Fitchburg, MA and going to further her education to become an LPN.

  • Social Development

    Leonard Denette

    for showing initiative above and beyond his job duties.

  • Safety Success Story

    Vickie Kelliher

    She has taken on some important safety inspection for the Security and Safety team. Each month she goes out on campus finds and locates all of Westover’s Fire Extinguisher, She makes sure they get a monthly check and she also completes a monthly building check list for all the building on campus too.

  • Support Service

    Richard Keeley

    Rich performs his custodial/maintenance job consistently well in the administration building.  Rich is always willing to assist staff and is consistently pleasant and cheerful.  Rich should be recognized as a day in and day out model of professionalism and provider of outstanding customer service.

  • Respect for Others Award

    Debra Berthiaume & Rebecca Pease

    Debra has great customer service skill, professional and kind.

    Becky is consistently cheerful and pleasant while tending to our students health needs in the Wellness Center.  Becky is always willing to perform extra tasks and duties in service to our students.  A particular example is when Becky came on center to administer care to students on a weekend in place of the on-call nurse.  Becky should be recognized for her commitment to outstanding customer service.

  • Academic Instructor

    Iris Molina

    for dedication to helping her students achieve their goals; in learning a new language, increasing their TABE score or obtaining their HSD

  • Career Technical Training Instructor

    Chef Francesco Dell’Olio

    Chef Franco has completed two students in the past month, consistently has great classroom reviews from DOL, and has been very creative in helping his students’ progress during virtual learning

  • Counselor/CPP

    Sherry Lewis

    Sherry has been doing a great job taking on a new caseload for an absent staff. She has done a great job in contacting students and getting the “whole story”  so that she can help the center support the student

  • Student Success Story:  Job Placement Staff

    Rashida Thornton

    ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Rashida has taken on many different duties that are beyond her normal job to help support the students, including manning the help desk, supporting TAP teams and helping the center manage technology retrieval

  • Social Development

    Nusean Mayfield

    Nusean has shown dedication over the last few months by stepping up and assisting others on the overnight shift due to staff shortages

  • Safety Success Story

    Javier Perez

    Javier worked diligently to transform the Transportation building in a welcoming and safe environment for students to returning to Job Corps. He work many nights to get it ready including installing cleaning, installing flooring and painting.

  • Support Service

    Debra Berthiaume

    Debra is reliable, meticulous and always delivers outstanding customer service.  She often works un-noticed because she quietly goes about doing her job day in and day out and we want to recognize her for those efforts.

    Watch Ms. Berthiaume's interview! (click here*)

  • Respect for Others Award:  TABE/Disability Coordinator

    Nylma Pillich

    Nylma is always lending a helping hand, stepping up and getting things done for the Center and our students. She is a true team player

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