Alternate Perspectives, Inc, aka API, also stands for Accountability, Performance and Integrity; that’s API and we're APPY!

Meet Wind River APPY Award Winners

  • Academic Instructor

    Mark Perkins

    "I nominate Mark Perkins for the Academic APPY Award this month. Mark knows the Penn Foster program and curriculum inside and out and always has answers for students and staff. He holds students accountable in a firm but respectful way and uses humor to develop meaningful rapport with students. Students respect him and his classroom expectations. During a class observation last week, I witnessed students put their phones in the shoe caddy as they walked in and sit down at their desks for class. Mark shut his closet door with the phones inside when class started. This routine was so clearly ingrained with respect and understanding that students did so without saying a word – an incredible testament to the classroom culture Mark cultivates. He greets them each personally and mentioned their daily goals right away, knowing what each of them needed to do that day. Whenever I walk by or peek into his classroom, Mark is always working one-on-one or in small groups with students, and he makes sure his students make progress toward their goals. Mark is the same way with our team; he’s been known to bring in treats for us and make us all laugh. Mark is an essential part of our academic team here at Wind River."

  • Career Technical Training Instructor

    Nicholas Apicelli

    "My nomination for CTT instructor of the month is Welding instructor, Nicholas Apicelli. Nick came on board Wind River JCC back in November of 2020. He immediately began the task of learning Google Classrooms and attempting to dive into student engagement. Nick’s wealth of welding knowledge and his level of excitement in teaching Job Corps students the Welding Craft is second to none. He continues to hold his students to the highest level of excellence and, as a result, will be graduating several students in the very near future. Nick has obtained his AWS certification which enables him to perform the bend tests that the students need to pass as well as volunteering to be one of the NCCER instructors for the center."

  • Counselor/CPP

    Christy Pyles

    Christy has always offered her assistance in any area and department when needed.  She is very dedicated to her job and takes pride in all of her coaching staff and achievements. She thinks forward, before many of us have a chance to. She is extremely dedicated to her students and you can see it in her daily actions.

  • Student Success Story

    Larry Woolard

    Larry Woolard has been accepted and Regionally approved to attend Advance training at Excelsior Job Corps.  He has made a complete 180 in his mind set and is extremely proud of himself as much as we are.  Michael Kittle has assisted in his quest for additional training.  Congratulation Larry!

  • Social Development

    Kaitlyn Nordwick

    Even though she is no longer a residential advisor she was a tremendous help to her Supervisor, scheduling staff, keeping track of where everyone was needed and making sure the dorms were clean and ready for new students to arrive. Kaitlyn was a great asset to the residential department and will be a great addition to properties as the new Property Clerk.

  • Respect for Others Award

    Patricia Granlund

    She truly embodies the definition of exemplary customer service. Patty always is eager to step up and help the students or staff and always has the student’s best interest at heart. I feel Patty gives 110% to her position here at Wind River and strives to always make Wind River a better place.

  • Support Service Staff

    Tawnya Doty

    Tawnya works tirelessly to make sure her department is doing everything asked of them as well as going above and beyond when contacting students to return them to Center. Tawnya is always friendly and welcoming and a great asset to Wind River Job Corps.

  • Academic Instructor

    Stephanie Hernandez

    Stephanie is a very dedicated instructor.  She is a shining example of what patience and kindness looks like. She demonstrates an exemplary ability to bring out the best in students and create a stimulating distant learning environment for all of her students

  • Career Technical Training Instructor

    Karla Solomon

    Ms. Solomon was instrumental in the partnership with MedCerts, a new credentialing program, for her students. Denise provided the groundwork and started the communication between MedCerts and the center and provided a rough draft of the proposal that ultimately was approved by the Department of Labor. The MedCerts certification program will ensure that eligible students in the foundations class can leave with a Primary certification in a medical field of their choice, a higher percentage of employability opportunities and higher wages. In addition, the centers OMS will benefit from these additional post-center successes. The MedCerts partnership would not happened if not for the hard work Karla put in.

  • Counselor/CPP

    Julee Nicol

    She volunteers and jumps in almost  before I see the need. Never complains about workload or changing demands. She is unflaggingly cheerful and concerned about her students welfare.

  • Student Success Story:  Job Placement

    Theresa Fountain

    Theresa is dedicated and a hard worker.  Her endurance and consistency as it relates to placing students in jobs that will allow them to be successful is overwhelming.  She is the overachiever that goes that extra, when not everyone does.  She one you can count on.

  • Social Development

    Alena Pointon

    Alena is the employee that no matter what you ask her to do, she gladly agrees or volunteers.  As the Residential staff has been hard to get their positions filled, she has left REC and assisted on numerous occasions, even doing all three shifts. She is truly a team player and unbelievably reliable.

  • Safety

    Mark Hensley

    Mark is a very hard working professional in his field.  He is very personable and very good with the students.  He is striving to better himself to become a leader. He is a quick study and has many complimentary traits that only add to his great personality.

  • Support Service

    Amanda Makinen

    Amanda is the scheduling individual in the Academics.  Her job is no easy one and has done remarkable things as we have gone from 6 students, to 51, from just distant learning, to blended-in class learning.  In her department, things are CONSTANTLY changing.  But she never goes home without the job completed.  She is very particular about her duties and every student should have a successful schedule or she won’t have it.  She is a machine.

  • Respect for Others/Customer Service

    Heather Hamilton and Pheakdy Ingwerson 

    Heather, I know is nominated in different areas, well that should say something.  Heather had done some of the most amazing things out of the job description to keep our pending students engaged.  She does videos, chats, zoom meetings, letters, phone calls, competitions, goodie “swag” bags and more.  Her excitement is contagious. She has a genuine likeable and trustworthy aura about her.

    Pheakdy's story coming soon

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