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President's Weekly Message (03/19/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

This message is about belonging.

Students have been gone from our centers for such a long time and those who have been on center have been isolated from the rest of the world. It is important that we ensure each student who comes back, and those who have been with us, feel that they belong.

Students feel they belong when they feel that they are a member of the center, feel connected to staff and their fellow students, and are proud to be affiliated with the center. There are several benefits to feeling that one belongs. When students (or staff) feel that they belong, the following occurs:

  1. Stress levels are reduced

  2. Physical health is improved

  3. Emotional and well-being is increased

Shriver, Westover, and Wind River ALL strive to create a culture where everyone belongs. Here are a few ways to take your efforts to the next level:

Reach out: Go out of your way to say hello and show everyone on center that you appreciate them. Try to remember something special about every person you contact and let them know you remember. Use the word “OUR” when you speak about the dorm, class, or center.

Invite input from others: Ask students questions and really listen to their answers. Get their opinion on things. If they are feeling out of sorts, take the extra time to spend a few minutes with them in a quiet place (with appropriate distance and a mask) to see how you can help.

Share stories and experiences: Open yourself up to help students see you as human being with a life, family, friends, likes and dislikes and a multiple of experiences. Ask students about their life stories. Remind them that Job Corps will allow them or rewrite their story if they wish. We are genetically wired to belong. We need to belong, and we need to accept who we are and help our students accept who they are. Once we do, we can truly share and become a part of the center.

As always, please be honest on your daily attestation forms, wear an approved mask and wear it over your nose, and social distance.

Dr. Wild


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