Jon McLemore

Corporate Quality Assurance

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Born and raised in Texas, Jon has always valued serving. After graduating high school, Jon voluntarily joined the United States Air Force; serving as a member of the 5th Security Forces Squadron in Minot, Air Force Base, Minot, ND, for seven years. After serving in the USAF, and many jobs later, Jon took a position of the Security Supervisor at the Quentin N. Burdick Job Corps Center, serving the youth of tomorrow. Eventually, he found himself in a new role as the Quality Assurance Program Analyst, a role that was very new and very innovative. Jon helped build the Quality Assurance Program into a system of checks and balances for the Center, and only departed the Center after joining the API Team as the Corporate Quality Assurance.


In his free time, Jon is an avid kayak fisherman, outdoorsman and enjoys any adventure that will take him “off the beaten path”. Jon has continued to serve the youth of tomorrow by serving as a Royal Ranger Commander at his local outpost. As a Royal Ranger Commander, Jon teaches and mentors boys from K-12 to be men of the outdoors. Jon is also a mentor and teacher as the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs Director at the Civil Air Patrol Minot Composite Squadron. Jon teaches and mentors teens from 12 years to 18 years about military service and prepares them for the future.

Jon’s personal vision aligns with that of API: Integrity, Service, strive for Excellence, and it shows in everything he does!

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