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We have assembled a team of distinguished practitioners, scholars, executives, and policy makers whose knowledge and skills are uniquely drawn together on a project-by-project basis to work directly with our individual and organizational clients.  We serve our clients as: 

- Advocates

- Planners

- Process designers and facilitators

- Program developers and managers

- Researchers and analysts

- Trainers, mentors, and coaches 

​We are visionaries and pragmatists, dreamers and doers, movers, and shakers. Above all else, we are passionately committed to helping our clients achieve their goals and realize their dreams by providing new ways of thinking, to create new ways of doing.

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Built on our belief that in today's global economy, skilled, motivated employees working for competent, visionary employers equals maximum effectiveness.


We strive to help organizations achieve this balance by designing and facilitating the following activities:

  • Strategic planning

  • Change management

  • Internal communication process development

  • Operational interventions

  • Human resource interventions

  • System wide organizational transformation

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Helping to create great leaders by providing custom designed coaching services to meet your needs.  

Our methods produce great leaders by:


  • Unleashing the human spirit and expanding the individual's ability to achieve real change

  • Drilling down to the underlying beliefs and assumptions that influence individual behavior within the context of organizational culture

  • Helping to develop "alternate perspectives" to support creation of alternate futures

Business Partners at Work


Success of a project is significantly impacted by the ability to organize, communicate, and meet deadlines.  Regardless of how big or small, let us help you achieve success.

Project Management Services includes:

  • Developing project objectives

  • Defining the products and deliverables

  • Assessing and mitigating risk factors

  • Preparing project plans and schedules

  • Estimating and allocating resources

  • Assigning tasks

  • Directing activities

  • Providing quality control

  • Tracking progress

  • Resolving performance issues

  • Analyzing future needs and trends

Adult Students


To stay current, employers must invest in the education and training of their staff.  API designs and delivers customized education and training programs linked to the specific outcomes identified by our clients.  These offerings are facilitated by subject matter experts and Master Facilitators. 

Our experience in offering outcome-based education and training programs is inclusive of the Federal Government, private sector and Not-For-Profits.

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