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President's Weekly Message (02/12/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

This has been another very busy week with students returning to centers, students returning to in-person instruction, and (hopefully) staff being vaccinated. COVID-19 is still impacting the lives of our students and staff and we extend sympathies to all impacted; however, we will beat COVID-19 as a TEAM.

Teamwork involves a set of interdependent activities performed by individuals who collaborate toward a common goal. To achieve our common goal, Westover, Shriver, and Wind River Job Corps Centers’ staff MUST work as a team.

The common goal or mission of Job Corps is to: help young people ages 16 through 24, improve the quality and satisfaction of their lives through vocational and academic training. Nobody can do this alone. It takes all of us to accomplish success for every student we serve. When we are working together, sharing information, communicating, and thinking out ahead to anticipate issues and solve them BEFORE they occur, nothing can stop us---Not even COVID-19!!!!

Remember, “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.”

Please think how you can help your coworker (in and out of your department) and make Job Corps Mission a reality. Make this weekend and next week Job Corps great and take care of each other. Take extra precautions to ensure you, your coworkers and our students remain safe.

“Wear the Darn Mask!”

You are all very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Dr. Wild

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