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President's Weekly Message (03/12/21)

"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection"

-Mark Twain-

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

This message is about continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement is a practice of constantly re-examining and improving results. It is really a mindset of how we do things and involves both staff and leadership. People on the ground knows what REALLY is going on and know how it can be made better. Leadership sets the tone for that to happen. Continuous improvement is the responsibility of EVERYONE in the company and it starts with me.

Grace Hopper, an American computer scientist and US Navy Rear Admiral, said,” The most dangerous phrase in our language is ‘We’ve always done it this way’.” So, what do we need to do to create a continuous improvement center? According to many management theories there are some basic steps:

  1. Rethink the Issue/Problem from All Angles: What does it look like from a student perspective? corporate perspective? regional perspective?

  2. Work in Teams to Brainstorm Solutions: Bring a variety of people from different areas together to think differently about the issue and come up with some new solutions you can try.

  3. Turn Ideas into Action: Decide on one solution and MOVE! If it does not work, “fail fast!” You can always try something else, but the worse thing to do is to keep doing what is not working.

  4. Monitor Results: Keep abreast of the changes happening because of your new action and decide if you should continue with more focus, change slightly to become better, or try something else.

  5. Transform Your Mindset to a Continuous Improvement Culture: Continuously ask yourself each day, “Can this be done more simply, faster, better, with sustained results and still be in compliance with the PRH?”

API has always loved its motto: “providing new ways of thinking to create new ways of doing”, and that speaks directly to continuous improvement. Today’s shout out goes to WESTOVER! They have exemplified continuous improvement by advancing over 12 rankings since last month to #80 for the program year! Well done!

Remember to do your best each day to develop a continuous improvement mindset and the center will develop a continuous improvement culture. You can do it!!

As always, please be honest on your daily attestation forms, wear an approved mask and wear it over your nose, and social distance.

Dr. Wild

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