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President's Weekly Message (07/09/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers!

We have all heard people say, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Today’s message is about why sweating the small stuff is a good thing to do. According to, there are many reasons to sweat the small stuff. Four of the reason are listed below and tailored to our Job Corps centers:

1. Small Things Lead to Big Things

As a Job Corps employee, you know that leaving something until tomorrow is not a good idea. Our plates are constantly full and there is no slack time in our jobs. In addition, each of our jobs is connected to someone else’s job which is connected to student services. If we do not do what is on our plate, others cannot get their job done. If we do the small things we are assigned with quality, care, and timeliness, the big things will take care of themselves.

2. Small Details Build Trust

Do you know your students’ names? Their trade? Their favorite sports team? What they like to do for fun? What motivates them? What they value? These details about our students may not seem significant but getting to know your “customer” on a personal level builds relationships, and relationships build trust. Trust is key for keeping our students motivated to stay with us and eventually graduate. One staff member a student trusts can make a huge difference in his or her success.

3. The Small Things Make Your Center Unique

How do we greet each other in passing? What is the expected timeliness of responses? How do we give our attention to problems or issues? How do we welcome students back to center? These are the things that make your center special to your students. These are the things your students remember, and these are the things they mention to their family and friends about your center. The little things help create memorable experiences and memorable experiences create loyal fans.

4. No One Cares About Your Center the Way You Do

Doing the small things right each day will help you keep track of the things that make your center operate. We all need to be responsible to drive the center outcomes. We need to take the time to listen to what’s going on or run the risk of becoming tone deaf and disconnected. Keep a pulse on the small things, while keeping your eye on the big picture.

Keep sweating the small stuff! Keep vigilant about the center’s safety and make sure our students know you care about what matters to them. Thank you for everything you do!!

Dr. Wild

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