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President's Weekly Message (01/22/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

Another week has passed and I hear such great things from your Center Directors. Thank you for working so very hard to take care of our students--both those who are on center, and those engaged in distance learning. I know it is tough to keep your energy up and to constantly come up with ways to keep our students learning and involved on a daily basis. Teachers, my hat goes off to you!!

In addition, I know our residential staff have been working hard to ensure those students who are on center adhere to all the CDC COVID-19 requirements. Your care, concern, and attention to our students’ needs can make or break their success. That has always been the case. Thank you!

Please be diligent about your daily attestations to be completed prior to working on center! As I said last week, this is very, very important and it matters!!

All staff on center are making great things happen. Mario Andretti (the famous race car driver) said, “If everything is under control, you’re not moving fast enough.” I want you to know I know how hard you work and how fast you move. That being said, it is about to get a lot faster with more and more students returning to our centers and with virtual enrollment on the horizon.

We all need to congratulate our Westover Center on Resumption of Operations beginning February 9th! The Center is more than ready and we cannot thank the staff there enough for continuing to “strive for excellence” during this long wait!! All of our centers have resumed operations now! Things are going well at Shriver and Wind River and we know they will at Westover! You all have made this happen! Yeah API!!

Finally, API is excited to offer the second cohort of API’s Leadership Development Program. This program is open to any API or MTC staff on center who are interested in professional development. All applicants must complete an application and submit it to the Center Director as step one in the application process. We will be limiting participants to five per center so please be on the lookout for more information next week if you are interested in personal and professional development.

Please make this weekend and next week Job Corps great and take care of each other. You are all very much appreciated.

Thank you!

Dr. Wild

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