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President's Weekly Message (03/05/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

This message is about center culture and a shout outgoes to our Wind River Center.

Center culture is defined as the underlying beliefs, assumptions, values, and ways of interacting that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization. Wind River has incorporated the following values and they are evident in all aspects of center life:

• If you do the right thing, your life gets better

• We are here for the students

• RESPECT is key in staff-staff, staff-student, and student-student relationships

• We are guides, mentors, and teachers

• When we achieve a positive normative culture, we will achieve all our hopes and dreams

Under the leadership of Director Kristen Benson, Wind River has lived up to its name. The center has become the “wind beneath the wings” of every student they serve and has turned into a river of continuous improvement. The energy Dr. Benson and her ENTIRE staff have brought to the center must be applauded. It is amazing.

API has always loved its motto: “providing new ways of thinking to create new ways of doing” and Wind River has made that real and taken it full circle. They know that:

Please continue to be honest on your daily attestation forms, wear an approved mask and wear it over your nose, and social distance. The API family has sadly experienced firsthand the devastation this pandemic creates, and our hearts are with our Westover staff in their loss.

Thank you ALL for everything you do each day. Keep thinking about how you think, continue to stay positive, and focus on your center culture. It really is everything.

Dr. Wild

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