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President's Weekly Message (04/09/21)

Updated: May 7, 2021

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

Today’s topic is resilience. Resilience is “one’s ability to bounce back." A resilient person can withstand and adapt to hardships. In some cases, being resilient can lead to becoming stronger, better, and more able to handle life’s difficulties.

Below are a few suggestions that can help us all develop an ability to bounce back. These pointers help us to overcome setbacks. They have worked for me and are relevant to all of us in the Job Corps Program.

Focus on Your Sense of Purpose: It is a great idea to develop a personal mission of why you do what you do. Focusing on our sense of purpose helps us to concentrate on something we believe, value, and cherish. It helps us get through the tough times by giving us a glimpse of larger reason for being. As a Job Corps staff member, our purpose is related to the good we do for the students we serve.

Be Optimistic: Develop the habit of thought that includes hope and confidence about the future or the successful outcome of something. If you tend to be negative, remember that a belief is just a thought you continue to think. Changing your thoughts, one at a time, can help you develop a more positive framework and belief system.

Lean on Trusted Advisors: We all have people in our lives we can go to when we are troubled or concerned about an issue. These people help us to consider options we may have overlooked. By developing options to help find a way around a problem, we foster hope and become more resilient.

Develop Goals in Mini Steps: Choose a goal you want to focus on and divide it into small manageable steps that are written down and achievable. Celebrate each step’s success along the way to help develop the sense of accomplishment and optimism you need to increase resilience.

Be Kind to Yourself: Often in hard times, we become hard on ourselves. Take a moment to reflect on all that has gone right in your life and write those things down. Keep the list close so you can glance at it often and be proud of how you have survived and thrived.

We all have developed resilience during this last year dealing with COVID-19. We have focused on our physical wellness and adjusted our thought processes. We may have adjusted our priorities and reaffirmed our values. I am so proud of each of you. At API, we may bend, but we will not break!

Continue to follow our center and the CDC safety and health guidelines, and take care of yourself and our students. I am fully vaccinated so I hope to see you all very soon.

Dr. Wild

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