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President's Weekly Message (04/30/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

Today’s topic is “keeping spirits up when life is hard.” We all go through things that make our lives difficult. These include:

  • ROCAs and ROTAs

  • Students feeling trapped

  • New DOL requirements

  • Virtual Learning expectations

  • COVID-19 fatigue

  • Too much to do and too little time

  • LIFE and all that goes into what happens to us, personally

And the list goes on. Jacques Prevert said, “Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.” There are some great strategies to share on how to keep your spirits up when life stinks and never completely forget about happiness. They are as follows:

  1. Create a haven: If your work is really tough, make your homelife your haven and visa versa. Whichever place is your haven, make it attractive, clean and bring things into that space that lift your sprits (pictures of your family, photos of your pets, flowers, awards from the past, scented sachets, reminders of happy times…whatever makes you feel good).

  2. Take a break: When life is really tough, get out of your routine and do something completely different--bake bread, go shopping, take an online class. Stop dwelling on the things that make your life tough---even for an hour.

  3. Laugh: Call a friend who makes you laugh or read or watch something that tickles your funny bone. The saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” is very true. It helps our outer wellbeing and our inner wellbeing.

  4. Exercise: If you can, get moving. Take a walk outside, do your weight training, walk up and down your stairs. If you are on center, take a walking tour to see what is happening in other areas of the center. Take at least 20 minutes to move out of your seat and get the cardio in.

  5. Make a List: Make a MUBR (messed up beyond repair) list and you will notice that doing a brain dump really helps. You will find that most of the things you put on the list do not matter, and you can remove them once you see them on paper.

  6. Visualize a brighter future: Envision what a good time looks like. Think of the next 24 hours the way you would like it to be and keep that thought in your mind. It really does help to envision the future. Athletes and other successful people use this strategy all the time to create their own reality.

Please review the COVID Symptoms video and continue to stay safe.

Dr. Wild

(photo by my friend and photographer Kathy Kupka)

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