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President's Weekly Message (02/26/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

This message is about staff attitude and solidarity, and a shout outgoes to our Westover Center. Under the leadership of Director Jen Hansen, the center has continued to show progress and has come together time after time to demonstrate they are WESTOVER STRONG!! They have done this prior to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic!

Westover has truly involved our students during Distance Learning, followed their Resumption Plan to the letter, developed a model for reaching the hardest to reach students, and worked with staff to become one the of the best Distance Learning/Blended Learning teams in the nation. They have engaged the entire center (every staff member in every department and every student) to make this happen! They truly reflect the quote by Henry Ford:

The road has not been without bumps, but their can-do attitude has kept them WESTOVER STRONG! I am positive that nothing will keep them from meeting their goals. I honor the center’s commitment to excellence.

We are starting to see the road to recovery from COVID-19 in small increments. Positive cases have decreased, students are returning to our centers, and staff remain diligent about safety and cleanliness. Please be honest on your daily attestation forms, wear an approved mask and wear it over your nose, and social distance. I hope you take advantage of the great opportunity to get vaccinated. I have my first vaccination today and I am thrilled! This means I will be able to visit you sooner than later and see for myself the wonderful things you are accomplishing. Get ready! I am coming!

Finally, a special congratulations goes out to all our APPY AWARD winners! I hope each center advertises your center winners and makes sure they are given the acknowledgment they deserve. Winners, please frame those certificates! I want to see them when I visit.

Next week we will focus on Wind River. Stay tuned.

Dr. Wild

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