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President's Weekly Message (07/23/21)

Hello API Job Corps Centers,

Many of us have learned how to give negative feedback or constructive critique, but often do not take the time or have the skills to provide praise or positive feedback.

For positive feedback to be impactful, it should be well thought-out before presented to the individual. The feedback needs to be detailed and specific so people really know what they have done well. The Center for Creative Leadership developed the SBI technique to help provide effective feedback. It is built around discussing three key points in any feedback or coaching conversation: 1. The Situation – Describe the exact situation in discussion 2. The Behavior – Describe the specific behaviors observed 3. The Impact – Describe how their behavior has impacted others

For example: 1. The Situation: Kevin, we were in a bind this past weekend when three of the RA’s called in sick.

2. The Behavior: You did not hesitate to volunteer to be available to help with the coverage to ensure our students were safe and secure.

3. The Impact: When you did that, you modeled true teamwork for the entire department and showed your commitment to the center. Thank you very much! Great job!

The SBI tool allows the person receiving the feedback to hear what they did that was out of the ordinary and why you are praising them.

Speaking of positive feedback, I want to take a moment to thank and praise all of you who have been vaccinated.

1. The Situation: COVID-19 is not completely over and the new Delta Variant is creating a future threat for the safety of our centers.

2. The Behavior: Humanitas and the CDC state that those of you who have been vaccinated and who have influenced our students to be vaccinated are helping keep our centers safe.

3. The Impact: The centers who remain free from all viruses will be allowed to return to normal center operations at a faster pace and our students will be better served. This is what we all want. Thank you for being vaccinated and for influencing others!

You are terrific!

Dr. Wild

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